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Eliminate Your Inner Chatter and Get the Foundation for a Better Life

By Glen Snethun

Copyright 2005 Glen Snethun

I was recently in Las Vegas on a business trip and thought, ‘I wonder how these people got the idea that they couldn’t live a better life?’

Who told them the biggest thrill of life was sitting in front of a slot machine all night? And that drinking was the only way to feel good about themselves? And where did they get the idea that menial labor is all they can do?

The answer is…THEY TOLD THEMSELVES! Think about it, we are no different than those people in front of the slot machines. We all tell ourselves what we can or can’t do in life. What we say to ourselves is the most limiting (or empowering) factor in our life.

Here are a few ideas that will help you capitalize on your inner chatter and make it work for you:

• Just say, “STOP!” – Every time a doubt enters your mind, yell to yourself, “NO!” Don’t just say it. Refuse to listen to negativity anymore. Immediately think of another thought that empowers and encourages you.

• Live outside your comfort zone - Force yourself to do something that you don’t want to do. Something a little scary, something you’re not sure you can do, something that puts butterflies in your stomach. Do little things at first, start slowly and work your way toward more substantial changes in your life. Prove to yourself how capable you really are.

• Give yourself credit – When you do venture out of your comfort zone, give yourself a pat on the back! Make sure to acknowledge what you accomplished.

• Focus on the wonderful things in your life – Too often we only see the negative things in our life. We tend to focus on our past failures and mistakes. Everyone has something in their life to be proud of. Find that one thing and then another and another and another. If you have trouble getting started, ask a friend what they think of your life. You might be totally shocked about what a great life they see you leading!

• Don’t let those around you influence you in any negative way – misery loves company and people around you might be desperate to keep you as their company. If the people around you aren’t encouraging and supportive, I suggest to you that they are not really your friends and it might be time to part ways. Whoever said change was easy?

We all live with that little voice in our head. Whether you’re successful or struggling, we all have the voice. The trick is to have the “voice” on your side. Train your mind to be your cheerleader and not your nemesis.

If you have trouble stopping the negative thoughts at first, just refuse to listen. Keep stepping out of your comfort zone until your “voice” has to admit that you are capable of accomplishing anything you desire and establishing the foundation for a better life!

About the author:
Glen Snethun is a stock/options trader as well as a full-time Internet Businessman, Author and Coach.Glen dedicates his time to showing others how to create multiple streams of income using the Internet.Get ideas from Glen at

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