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Types of Contact Lenses Now Available

By Michael Lastun

Why use contact lenses? Let your eyes breathe. Give your eyes freedom. Enjoy the freedom of a dynamic, healthy and hassle-free life. Contact lenses not only help you look better but also feel better. No wonder, millions of people around the world prefer the convenience and freedom that contact lenses offer.

Because of their growing popularity almost all the reputed eye care brands now manufacture contact lenses. The types of contact lenses now available in the market are varied. Contact lenses are not treated as a medical device anymore. They are now regarded as an integral part of your fashion gear too! You can add drama and fashion to your appearance with the latest types of contact lenses now available: Colored contact lenses.

A quick glance at the types of contact lenses now available:

A vast range of contact lenses is now available in the market. Depending on your individual preference, you can choose conventional contact lenses or disposable contact lenses. There are different types of disposable contact lenses available in the market. People prefer to use disposable contact lenses as they keep eyes comfortable, healthy and fresh round-the-clock.

Want to pamper your eyes with the latest range of disposable contact lenses? Interested in knowing about the different types of disposable contact lenses now available in the market? Well, there are daily disposables, monthly disposables, and 1-2 week disposables to name a few. Your eye care professional can best suggest you what type you need to wear and why.

Disposable types of contact lenses now available also come with attractive features. For instance, you can buy yourself a pair of contact lenses with UV Light Blockers without searching hard. Then there are disposables that come with technologically superior features like Hilafilcon B with 59% water content and more.

So, what are you still waiting for, start pampering your eyes today

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