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David H. Maister
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Susan Scott
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Gary Chapman
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Patrick M. Lencio...
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Douglas Stone
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William A. Sabin
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John M. Gottman
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Maggie Callanan
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George Lakoff
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Informative Articles

Understanding Email Netiquette
In life, it is the moral responsibility for the elder to teach the younger, or for the experienced to teach the inexperienced. In internet life, the same moral responsibility applies in regards to . . .

History of the Telephone - From Bell to VoIP and Beyond
Everyone knows the story of Alexander Graham Bell inventing the telephone. There’s the story of Bell’s first words, “Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you,” that’s indelibly printed on our brain. . .

RFID for Beginners
RFID technology is used frequently today and has been around since the 1920s, but not many people know about, or understand it. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and is used to store . . .

Important steps in installing a satellite dish
With the recent breakthroughs in the communication world, DSL connection has already become a household term. It has already been launched in various areas across the world; however, obtaining a hi. . .

A Peek Into the Near Future of Electronics Technology
How long do you think DVDs have around? 20 years? 10 years? Actually, they have only been around for about seven years, but it seems like they have been around much longer. Many of us can hardly re. . .

Get Down With OCP Evaluating DBA Job Applicants in an OCP World
Not long ago, weeding through DBA applicants with a tech interview was a straightforward process. You'd ask candidates 200 or so technical questions. If they got 100 correct answers, you knew they'. . .

Sending faxes for long distances
Sending faxes over a long distance is generally associated with high charges, and you sometime think to avoid sending a fax and think for some other means. The rate for phone calls over long distan. . .

Web Conferencing Services - Types
You may already have recognized the need for web conferencing within your organization. You have heard all about the many benefits and have decided it is the way forward for your company. Now all. . .

Satellite radios are great in the outback!
Satellite radio has quite literally been a god send to people who live or travel regularly in remote locations, or even for people who are required to travel long distances. Static-free reception c. . .

The New Rules for Public Relations
During the boom years, high-level public relations representation was highly sought after by companies of all sizes. When the economic downturn hit and executives toiled with last-straw strategies . . .


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